All products sold through bioselect-us.com carry the following disclaimers and advisements, as applicable.

No Independent Testing of Products and general Health Information.

Greek Elite imports and sells products of existing manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in Greece who supply product information with their respective products. These products have not been individually or independently tested or verified by Greek Elite. All information, statements and testimonials or any feedback about the Greek Elite products sold on our website have not been evaluated by the U.S. FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration). Any information provided or details about our food products, their ingredients, or their natural components, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or ailments. Consult your Doctor or Dietician for such advice on the effects of any product or ingredient. Always check labeling for to prevent any existing or know food allergies. Labeling of applicable imported products comports with country of origin and 21 C.F.R. Part 101 requirements. Any testimonials submitted and published on this website or any social media related to this website are based solely on individual experiences or product satisfaction and do not guarantee the same

GMO and Non-GMO Disclosures

Statements of GMO or Non-GMO foods or ingredients are made in accordance with the Rules applicable under the U.S. Federal National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law of 2016. Such rules are to be promulgated by July 2018 and take effect by 2021. In the interim, Greek Elite relies on industry classification of GMO and non-GMO criteria to define the term “bioengineered food or ingredient.” This said, Non-GMO foods and ingredients are important for us. We identify products that are not bioengineered food or ingredient as best as possible to ensure you purchase the products that meet your needs. Our classifications of GMO or Non-GMO foods or ingredients on this website are subject to change as federal rules are promulgated.

Notice of Imported Products

Imported products are imported and distributed within the U.S. by Greek Elite in accordance with prevailing U.S. import laws and rules. Food products imported by Greek Elite abide by U.S. FDA rules based on country or origin of product and manufacturer. Where and when applicable, products sold meet European Union labeling requirements. Greek Elite will be solely responsible for the good quality of the products upon delivery, packaging integrity, and any associated documentation and certifications for U.S. import in order to ensure adherence to all product specifications, such as Non-GMO, organic, or biologically produced ingredients or products.

Notice of Original Manufacturer Labeling

Imported Product carry with them original ingredient labeling. When required, Greek Elite may add additional labels to the original product packaging upon entry to U.S. to meet federal requirements on product packaging. Original manufacturer labeling in the Greek language may be translated and inserted by Greek Elite into shipped products within the U.S. for clearer ingredient discloser. Copies of all translated product ingredients in the English shall be available from Greek Elite upon request by email. Please contact our customer service here for a copy prior to purchase.